Enabling Data for Global Impact#

💼 Enabling Access to Privately Held Data#

How can we responsibly open up access to data troves currently siloed within private entities? This data could fuel public-interest research tackling global challenges through private-public partnerships, legislation, safe data institutions, or privacy-enhancing tech.

📡 Connecting Datasets Across Borders#

Datasets from different regions and organisations remain scattered. We’ll explore creating networks to connect research data globally, clarifying provenance, and facilitating cross-disciplinary sharing.

🔗 Bridging Academic and Industry Research#

Too often, a divide separates academic findings from the private/public sectors. We aim to enable knowledge-sharing across these domains through citation standards, identifiers, schemas, and search platforms.

🔐 Unleashing Findings Behind Paywalls#

Paywalled research restricts access and transparency. Our efforts support open science, open access, transparent licensing, and free platforms as alternatives.

🧑‍🌾 Filling Data Gaps for Inclusive Innovation#

Gaps in key datasets can leave communities underrepresented. We’ll back projects ensuring language, demographic, and other vital datasets are comprehensive and representative globally.